About Us

About Us

Archimarine is an Egyptian Contractor company

• Ever since its establishment in 2011, Archimarine has specialized in harbor and marine structures, implementing major projects in the marine field and has earned an outstanding reputation and a privileged position on the local and the global levels in a very short recorded time.

• Archimarine executed projects in the marine field with various government agencies (such as the Egyptian Public Authority of Shore protection - Navy ...) and also implemented a number of projects for the private and foreign sectors (such as The Egyptian Operation Company for Natural Gas liquefaction –El- Nasr Company for mining ....).

• The company deals with leading global companies in the same field, as well as with specialized adept competencies in the fields of Surveying, Diving and Marine Services…

• Archimarine also deals with the largest consulting offices in Egypt and some international consultancy firms, which meticulously review the company’s project designs, enabling it to remain on the cutting edge of construction methods and to cost-effectively utilize and pool its respective resources to perform high-quality projects.

• Archimarine has been awarded several international quality certificates (ISO 14001:2004 & OHASH 18001:2007 & ISO 9001: 2008) from Major international company (the URS).

Archimarine Values:


  • People: Our diligent employees are our greatest asset and are the lifeblood of the company. The surpassed spirit of collaboration and teamwork allows Archimarine to benefit from the combined strength of its individual talents, skills and expertise and to recognize the full potential of its people.
  • Candor: we pride ourselves on making unimpeachable trust and rectitude the essence of Archimarine.
  • Continuous learning: learning is core – The continued growth and success of the company is channeled by a wealth of ongoing knowledge. Local and global training courses help us keep up with the new waves of progress in the field of marine and construction business and foster strong relations between academia and industry.
  • Safety: ‘No task is so important that we cannot take time to do it safely’. As we do not believe that accidents are inevitable, we take every possible step to ensure the safety of our employees and the work place in accordance with the international safety standards.

Archimarine Doctrine:

  • Think and work together assiduously for mutual prosperity.
  • Build new lands and bridges of trust with every step ahead.

The Official Documents of Archimarine Establishment.


  • The Certificate of the Egyptian Federation for the Building and Constructions Contractors.
  • CR.
  • Tax card.
  • Sales tax.
  • Memorandum of Archimarine Association.
  • MOD Security clearance.

Archimarine Vision:


With our philosophy, values, and mission firmly in place and with years of expertise under our belt, Archimarine has a lofty and eternal quest to become recognized regionally and globally as one of the finest leading Egyptian-International marine and dredging companies known for its quality and professionalism.

Archimarine Activities And Specializations


  • Dredging and fluvial works and Marine structures.
  1. Shore protection (seawalls, groins, submerged breakwater, geotube, reef balls…..).
  2. Submarine structures and marine engineering.
  3. Harbors and marina constructions.
  4. Dredging works.
  5. Petroleum services and berths maintenance.
  • Undiluted building constructions.
  • Roads, Railways, Bridges and Airports structures.
  • Steel structures.

Archimarine Politics


  • Quality Policy.
  • HSE Policy.
  • ISO Certificates.

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Nasr Abd elHamid Abd elrazik


Ahmed Mohammed Abed El-Hady


Mostafa Mohammed Abed El-Hady



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