Services offered by the company and its work

Marine structures

Archimarine offers all marine and fluvial work , the most ‎important of which is the Shore protection through the ‎construction of “seawalls, groins, geo tube , reef balls ,‎breakwater of all kinds" as well as underwater works by Submarine structures , and the establishment and maintenance of marine ‎berths and Harbors of various uses with trenching and soil ‎dredging works And all petroleum services. ‎

Road structures

We offer in archimarine all construction works for structures in roads, bridges, railways and airports.

Building constructions.

We contribute to the construction and contracting of the buildings with maximum commitment to specifications and follow the project schedule. In Archimarine “we build values not just buildings”

Steel structures

We build the metal structures of major local projects as efficiently as we work to diversify our skill set to upgrade what can be a real contractor and give Archimarine a competitive advantage.


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