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• Ever since its establishment in 2011, Archimarine has specialized in harbor and marine structures, implementing major projects in the marine field and has earned an outstanding reputation and a privileged position on the local and the global levels in a very short recorded time.

• Archimarine executed projects in the marine field with various government agencies (such as the Egyptian Public Authority of Shore protection - Navy ...) and also implemented a number of projects for the private and foreign sectors (such as The Egyptian Operation Company for Natural Gas liquefaction –El- Nasr Company for mining ....)


How we work


Our latest Projects

The Protection Of The Jetty,Scaffold Region In Front Of The Navy Forces(Stage Two)-Abo Qeer-Alexandria City

The Protection Of The Jetty , Scaffold Region In Front Of The Navy At Abo-Qeer – Alexandria City

مشروع عملية تدعيم الحائط الغربى برشيد ( مرحلة أولى ) – محافظة البحيرة


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