Completed Projects

Construction of sedimentation basin NO.(9) of area (490,000 m2) East North concentration basin NO.(4)& drainage basins of area (22,000m2) East sedimentation basins NO.(7,8) at salines Borg El Arab, Alexandria.

The Protection of The Jetty , Scaffold Region in Front of The Navy Forces (second stage) at Abo Qeer – Alexandria

The Protection of The Jetty , Scaffold Region in Front of The Navy Forces at Abo Qeer – Alexandria

The Modifications of The Marine Berth, The Backyard, The Roads And The Storage Area In El-Brolos Port – Kafr El-Sheekh City

Supporting The Western Seawall ( First Stage ) at Rasheed- Elbehera City.

The Protection of The Area Western El-Lesan Jetty at Ras El-Bar – Damietta City

The repairing of the ELNG Breakwater –Idku City

Construction of New Mooring Dolphin - Dekheila Port – Alexandria

The Supporting for The Main Breakwater of Idku Naval Port

The protection and the rehabilitation in front of Tabyet El-Abed at Rsheed – El-Behera city.

The Extension of the Experimental Project For Protecting The Coastal Low Region At The Coastal Road – Kafr El-Sheekh City.

Taxis Traffic Unit at El- Qabary – Alexandria City.

Belayim Petroleum Company Shore Protection Project NIDOCO 6 & 11

The Old Project of Protecting El-Gameel Embouchure (1) at El-Gameel Region – Port said City.

The Protection of The Region Eastern Damietta Port Ras El-Bar (Second Stage)

Residences Buildings no. 17 & 18 model B at The Middle Level Housing At El-Andalos Region New Cairo City

Construction of six resident buildings for the middle level housing at the western of EL Sherooq

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Quay No.6 length of 121 m in the port of Abu Qeer-Alexandria

Construction project for the development washing areas in Terminals(ALX-DKH)

The Red Sea Coastal Road Protection at 188& 193 kilometers from Suez City

The Maintenance of the Eastern Groin at The Sea wall of Rasheed Branch Estuary West.

The protection of the region eastern Damietta Port Ras El-Bar (First stage)

The New Breakwater Constructions for EL-Naser Mining Port


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