Completed Projects

The Protection of The Jetty , Scaffold Region in Front of The Navy Forces (second stage) at Abo Qeer – Alexandria

The Protection of The Jetty , Scaffold Region in Front of The Navy Forces at Abo Qeer – Alexandria

The Modifications of The Marine Berth, The Backyard, The Roads And The Storage Area In El-Brolos Port – Kafr El-Sheekh City

Supporting The Western Seawall ( First Stage ) at Rasheed- Elbehera City.

The Protection of The Area Western El-Lesan Jetty at Ras El-Bar – Damietta City

The repairing of the ELNG Breakwater –Idku City

Construction of New Mooring Dolphin - Dekheila Port – Alexandria

The Supporting for The Main Breakwater of Idku Naval Port

The project of the maintenance and upgrading of the efficiency of the main breakwater in Idku Naval port

The protection and the rehabilitation in front of Tabyet El-Abed at Rsheed – El-Behera city.

The Extension of the Experimental Project For Protecting The Coastal Low Region At The Coastal Road – Kafr El-Sheekh City.

The Experimental Project to Protect The Trough Region From Borolo's Port west to The East Of Rasheed Eastern Groins. (Sand Embankments & Bumpers)

Taxis Traffic Unit at El- Qabary – Alexandria City.

Residences Buildings no. 17 & 18 model B at The Middle Level Housing At El-Andalos Region New Cairo City

Construction of six resident buildings for the middle level housing at the western of EL Sherooq

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Quay No.6 length of 121 m in the port of Abu Qeer-Alexandria

Construction project for the development washing areas in Terminals(ALX-DKH)

The checkpoint station on the coastal road for Kafr El-Sheekh City.

Sedimentation Basins Constructing for the Dredging Output of Damietta Port

The Red Sea Coastal Road Protection at 188& 193 kilometers from Suez City

The Maintenance of the Eastern Groin at The Sea wall of Rasheed Branch Estuary West.

The protection of the region eastern Damietta Port Ras El-Bar (First stage)

The New Breakwater Constructions for EL-Naser Mining Port


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